April 2017

My Inventory Sale is back online but at a scaled-down version. Now, it's easy to order via PayPal with just one click so please have a look at what I am offering and be sure to note the titles in your order. PayPal is sfe and secure and easy to use so rest assured. If you are not in the US, you can convert your currency no problem.
I have added more images to the series Reves et Souvenirs and I believe the work is complete. While working on that series, I began experimenting with some more Photoshop techniques and I happily discovered the look of wet-plate collodion and tintype prints from the 19th century. There has been a resurgence of the true techniques used by many modern photographers but as I don't have an interest nor the finances to have this type of setup, exploring a similar technique, digitally, seems to work for me. Here is an example:

So with that, I hope to continue working in this manner with more simple portraiture. For more of these images, check out my Instagram and Facebook pages.

Happy Spring!